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      Resort ZhengHao (formerly Ching-ho-shou sen Hot Spring Hotel), located in the beautiful hometown of overseas Chinese, with natural hot springs of the booming tourist resort. 8 km away from the Eastern Freeway exit from the Tropical Botanic Garden is only 3 minutes by car to the Shimei Bay, the beach is only 8 minutes. Hotel has a different style of luxury double-standard, luxurious honeymoon suites, deluxe business suites, deluxe executive suites, deluxe suites and other kinds of garden room 226, in-room facilities, well-equipped, is your recreation, health and vacation destination. A hotel restaurant can accommodate 260 people for dinner, where you can enjoy a chef from Indonesia Southeast Asian flavor for the well-prepared meals and local cuisine, Hainan, Guangdong, Hunan and so on. 450 square meters of the conference center can accommodate meetings of 200 people, in addition to two small conference room suitable for a variety of small meetings and banquets. Hotel offers the perfect meeting place and advanced conference facilities to meet the needs of your various meetings, coffee shops supply a variety of feature rich tropical drinks, while here you can also enjoy the pure coffee booming. Spa massage pool, air swimming pool, like fairy hold up, rather wonderful all year round to keep the water temperature around 45 -70 , contains large amounts of useful minerals for the human body can not only resort fitness, but also to eliminate travel fatigue.

      Hotels in September 2006 by the National Tourism star hotel classification board assessed as four-star hotel, in June 2006 by the Hainan Association catering hotel rated as "Top Ten most popular leisure resort in Hainan Province Hotel", in September 2007 was Evaluation of the National Tourist Board star-rated first "Green Gold Leaf class tourist hotel."

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