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Talk about four kinds of business model the hotel
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      Since the Hainan province, after its rich tourist resources, the vigorous development of tourism; in a key member of the tourism industry - tourist and hotel industries in 10 years of development, from scratch, from there to multiple, from the multi - to flooding; in Hainan, tourist and hotel industries two years become a serious problem of loss-making sectors of society concerned about the topic; Hainan tourism hotel development to this day, their status is very worthy of our study and exploration, while the Hainan tourism hotel development is good or bad is to develop Hainan the tourism industry an important issue, the following are the relevant experts of the four different types of hotel business model:

      First, domestic and international hotel management group, investment and management of the hotel. Group of domestic and international hotel chain is the trend of development. Experts predict that the hotel around the world will eventually have 60% of members of the Group into an international chain hotels. In recent years, the international hotel management companies have landed in Hainan. They entered the hotel industry to enhance the overall image of Hainan and management level, and they themselves become the winner in the hotel industry in Hainan. Managed by the Starwood Sheraton Sanya Resort, Hainan is the best-run hotel, Starwood Asia-Pacific region is also the best hotels, others such as Gloria Resort Sanya results are impressive. Domestic and international hotel management group has been able to win, except for their own first-class management level, strong support for foreign tourists, and people, "xenophilia worship big" there is a certain relationship between the psychological.

      Second, cheap and budget hotels. In recent years, statistics show that overseas tourists in Hainan at present only 6% of all visitors, while the less developed areas of Hainan as an economic, business customers have been less. Thus, tourists in Hainan will continue to be ordinary tourists the main target market will be targeted at high-end customers is only wishful thinking. 48.92% of this five-star hotel in Hainan is far less than the three-star hotel room occupancy rate showed a greater need for Hainan hotel market is to have practical rooms, high-quality service and low prices of budget hotels. To be sure, the economy hotels, especially the island chain, the countryí»s economy hotel chain will eventually replace the existing three-star or equivalent level of the hotel, to become the flagship hotel in Hainan tourism market.

      Third, large-scale comprehensive hotels. Large-scale integrated A remarkable feature of the hotel is that they have a larger scale, there are many styles of restaurants and sound recreation facilities, guests do not have out of the resort, will be able to obtain any required products and services. Hainan many repeat customers - Bureau of Hainan Province, according to a survey conducted in 2004, the proportion of Hainan tourism repeat customers as much as 40.2%, compared to 2003 increased by 1.8 percentage points. Repeat customers to make large-scale comprehensive hotel to be necessary, because in terms of repeat customers, the look of the places visited, and the rest is in the hotel enjoying the warm sunshine, clean air and various leisure activities, small hotel is clearly difficult to meet the guests this need. Hainaní»s tourism facilities due to a very imperfect public, therefore, large hotels will have good prospects of development.

      Fourth, the family hotel business norms. The past two years, Hainan, Sanya is a family hotel in particular is developing rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, by February 2005, Sanya family hotel has nearly 4,000 rooms. Hainan Tourism seasonal visitor uneven distribution of the high season is not enough room, off-season room has a large number of vacant, which gives the family hotel in a larger grow. For the operators, family hotel can take the welcoming open season off-season is a temporary seasonal closure mode of operation, together with the family hotel in general without hiring permanent employees, the cost can be controlled to a minimum - as long as the door will be able to make money. While the visitors, both to fully experience the warm atmosphere of family life, the price and cheap (price per 20 yuan -100 yuan / day range), attractiveness of the natural self-evident.

      High-star hotel in Hainan has good prospects for the development of Hainan, Hainan Government to further enhance the hotel management level, to promote its large-scale, brand and internationalization direction ,2009-2013, Hainan will be the introduction of 20 well-known international hotel management group , so that five-star resort hotel of international standard to reach 60 or more. 

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