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High-Star hotel industry has begun to pick up
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      The backlog of high-star hotel in the capital on the "thick snow" has begun to slowly melt. Recently, this reporter visited the capital, found that more than five-star hotel into August, despite the number of hotel occupancy rate remained low compared with previous years, the average price is also difficult to par with previous years. However, the downturn with the previous period compared to the overall hotel occupancy rate was slow to upgrade. A short-term warming or the spring really come? In response, industry experts, the answer is: "Although the overall recovery from the need for a long period of time, but the hotel industry has certainly entered the early stage of the overall warming."

      High-star hotel warmer horizon

      According to Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics show that in July of this year, Beijing, the average five-star hotel occupancy rate of 49.3%, up 2.9%; in June this year, the capital, the average occupancy rate of five-star hotels compared to 46%, year on year down 9.2%, the occupancy rate of growth, the decline is gradually shrinking. Meanwhile, sources from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics also show that in the first half of this year by the global financial crisis and the continuing impact of influenza A H1N1 flu in Beijing received total tourist arrivals have shown a downward trend remains, but the cumulative decline has narrowed, while the inbound tourism from January to July the number of accumulated capital for the first time achieved a positive growth.

      More than five-star hotel-related responsible person said, with the previous period, "more than half vacant," compared to the situation, the recent hotel occupancy rate has begun to markedly improved. Beijing Shangri-La Hotel, Market Media Director Ye Qin told reporters, the most recent hotel occupancy rate of about 60% higher occupancy rates for individual days, with some time ago the hotel occupancy rate compared to about 10% of the increase; Tianlun Dynasty Hotel Front Office Manager Wu Wei said that, compared with before, the hotel occupancy rate has increased, the most recent hotel occupancy rate remains at around 70%; while the new century, [0.00 0.00%] [0.000.00% ] Nikko Hotel, to benefit their surrounding large-scale conference venues, because next week there are big events will be held in Beijing Exhibition Center, the hotel occupancy rate has about 90% Hotel Nikko New Century Public Relations Manager, Wang Mei said that the recent half a month since the hotelí»s average occupancy rate remained stable at around 60%, during the reception occasionally interspersed some large events, an average over the previous period hotel occupancy rate of 10% -20% growth. Jin Mao Westin Beijing, Wangfujing [26.60 3.50%] [25.700.98%] Hilton and other hotels are equally relevant responsible person said the same some time ago a "recession" than the hotel occupancy rate in the near future has indeed increased.

      Although the rental rates on the rise, but high-star hotel, have not been blindly optimistic. A number of hotel-related official said, the current hotel occupancy rate of the whole, although on the rise, but the speed was very slow, there is no apparent rebound, but also often be some fluctuation, different dates of rental rates vary greatly . Therefore, the occupancy rate of the slow increase in the overall trend, many high-star hotels still have the "cautious wait and see" attitude, rooms, food prices have not soared.

      Variety of marketing to help fight for market high-star hotel

      In the Influenza A H1N1 influenza and the international financial crisis, the multi-order entry, business, exhibition guests mainly high-star hotels have been hit the most, in the original sharp curtailment of the guests, many high-star hotels have changed their own strategy, introduction of a variety of promotions and value-added activities, intended to maximize competition in the market. The current occupancy rate steady rebound phenomenon, these marketing strategies for high-star hotels have played a role in how much warmer.

      Including Hilton, Starwood, and Accor Hotels Group, including world-renowned capital of many five-star hotels have developed a corresponding marketing programs. "Free Conference + Free Accommodation" is the Jinmao Beijing Westin Hotel, the meeting is now being promoted preferential package; while Tianlun Dynasty Hotel is under the summer market and the weekend of the summer ex-gratia special events; Hilton Hotel Management Group will look targeting summer launch a "buy one get one" of special offers. The InterContinental Hotels Group, Accorí»s Sofitel brand hotel and many hotels and other monomers have also launched a corresponding sales or value-added measures. Among them, many of the activities are an unprecedented promotional effort.

      Hotels have the relevant person in charge, said a variety of marketing a certain extent, the promotion of the hotel rooms, conference booking, the hotelí»s traffic has increased. At the same time, enhance the hotelí»s restaurant revenues for many hotels, one of the important measures taken from different themes Food Festival, a variety of reasons for the discount to the direct or indirect price reductions, high-star hotel in the restaurant business can be said to have been exhausted mind So, in some high-star hotel meal time, long and almost invisible even past the "busy" scene, profit much, but really winning enough.

      For the future development prospects of the hotel market, high-star hotel is still maintained an optimistic attitude, Jinmao Beijing Westin Hotel, Marketing Communications Manager Hong Chong said that compared to the international market, Chinaí»s market still has great potential for development. Hotel side will actively adjust marketing strategies, the flexibility to respond to opportunities and changes.

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