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The first "China International Health health food
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      With economic development and social progress, it is about food safety and healthy eating more and more concern, some caused by improper diet, "rich maní»s disease", "infectious disease" has become the peopleí»s health killer. To protect the health of the masses, and guide people to a scientific diet philosophy, tradition and carry forward the heritage of Chinese food culture and promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign food, the China International Trade Promotion Committee Publicity Publishing Center, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry co-sponsored this " China International Health health food contest (the first). "

      The background of organizing this competition is: According to experts, statistics, Chinaí»s current cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, three high (high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure) patients showed an increasing trend of younger age. The researchers, according to the health sector statistics: Qingdao, the number of patients suffering from gout for our country the first; Sichuan Province and Chongqing City, the probability of gastric cancer is higher than those in other provinces; Guangdong Province, suffering from incurable diseases and the abnormal increase in the number. The emergence of these cases have aroused the attention of relevant experts and scholars, research has found that: suffering from gout causes of disease associated with the consumption of seafood, and diet are related to inappropriate mix; the incidence of gastric cancer is closely related with the excessive consumption of spicy foods; most of the "three high" patient for the excessive intake of fat, sugar, salt induced; difficult and complicated diseases, and abnormal appearance to a large extent associated with the consumption of wild animals. For example, in 2003 Fuyuan county in Guangdong was spreading rapidly across the country, causing a significant impact and economic losses of the "SARS" is a typical case of wild animals to humans by the disease. In recent years occurred in the person of avian flu, bovine influenza, foot and mouth disease and the current epidemic of H1N1 flu, and both with animals and our daily food-related.

      In view of these circumstances prevail and continuous spread, "China International Health health food competition (first)" for your green and healthy eating with the right scientific direction.

      The contestí»s theme is "green and healthy nutrition, health antifeedant wild animals." Competition will focus on this theme, through expert lectures, green, science, nutrition, and health selection of recipes, live cooking shows, stunt performers, professionals, Comments, etc. a series of activities designed to promote the green concept of healthy eating, hand in hand to build our country health, health food industry, the promotion of Chinese traditional food culture, promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign food to further enhance the health, health food industry, and corporate reputation and influence.

      All participants of this competition is a three-star and above hotels Executive Chef (or was pregnant with local flavor dishes stunt cook). During the event, inviting different industries, different regions, experts of different nationalities, professional judges to do on-site Comments and selection.

      The competition official race on November 18, 2009 and hold formal meetings, competition-based groups Gold, Silver, Bronze, triathlon awards, individual Gold, Silver, Bronze, Excellence Award, eight kinds of awards; events have cold dish, hot dishes, pasta, the vegetables used in the event during the Olympic Games special by providing a base for vegetables, the Department of "National Quality vegetable planting base" of the pollution-free products.

      Award winning units and individuals will be issued by the organizing committee "" health food teacher of international health certificate "", human resources and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security professional and technical capacity of the National Assessmentí»s Office personnel presented "" certificate of public nutritionist "", and at the national service network of professional and technical personnel registered.

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